5 Book Writing Tools That Every Author Should Know 

Your book is near and dear to your heart. While you love storytelling and are pounding away at perfecting every last detail, there are always things you may overlook during your writing process. You might make silly grammar mistakes, uncover plot holes, or accidentally switch verb tenses while caught up in a big moment. 

Luckily, there are tools out there designed specifically to help you through this process and make your life as an author much easier. In this article, we’ll highlight five tools that will simplify the process of writing your book. It’ll be like having an editor, proofreader, and mentor right in your pocket. 


You’ve probably heard of Evernote as a note-taking tool, but it is much more powerful than you might have imagined. In Evernote, you can create specific notebooks and then jot down notes within the specific categories that you are writing on. We know you might rely heavily on your trusty pen and paper. However, using Evernote to work through your process will let you find old notes and remember things you’ve written as quickly as typing Ctrl+F. 

Since it’s cloud-based, you never need to worry about accidentally leaving it behind in a coffee shop. It’s offline functionality means that you don’t need an internet connection to access your notes, if you’ve made them available for offline use. 

Evernote is the perfect place to store your thoughts, outlines, and go back and piece them together into your masterpiece. 


Grammarly is a tool and browser plugin that can help you see patterns and mistakes in your writing on demand. Not only does Grammarly catch errors, but it can find inconsistencies in your tone and make suggestions on things like clarity, readability, and engagement. Grammarly has a built-in thesaurus, so the perfect verb is always at your fingertips. 

Grammarly free version can get the job done in terms of correcting spelling or grammar mistakes. It’s paid version is a powerful tool that lets you give it guidelines and information about your audience. Then Grammarly will make specific suggestions for your writing based on your input. 

If you use Google Chrome, the Grammarly extension makes it easy to use any online writing platform and still get the benefits of the  editor no matter what site you’re on. 


As an author, you want your book to have the best readability possible. It’s what will grow your audience and establish a solid base of readers. ProWritingAid functions similarly to Grammarly by indicating where you’ve made errors in your writings and offering solutions and places for improvement. In addition to the standard functions, ProWritingAid also includes a dictionary, a library of quotes, and will create word clouds of your writing to let you see commonalities and themes in your stories. 

You can access ProWritingAid for free by registering on their website and downloading a free 14-day trial. You can also upgrade to their premium version for $40 per year for access to all of its features. 

ProWritingAid is perfect for both new writers and advanced authors. It also works without an internet connection and is very intuitive to use, even for the non-technical writer. 


trello logo

Trello is a project management tool that lets you organize your information into boards. It’s handy for managing any project and for writers makes it very easy to visualize the progression of your stories and chronology of your book. 

Trello also makes it easy to take notes on different parts of the story and easily reorganize parts of your novel that might seem out of place. You create separate cards for different parts of the story and can drag and drop them into different parts of the narrative or timeline. You can create to-do lists and prioritize which tasks are the most important to your writing timeline as well. 

A few ideas for cards to create in Trello include characters, plot, motifs, theme, concept, beginning and ending options, and research. Thanks to its versatility, it’s effortless to customize and create a workflow that works for your specific novel. 


If you’re a writer that’s easily distracted during the writing process, FocusWriter can help you remove distractions. it will help you get through your milestones with minimal interference from your thoughts and outside diversions. 

It has a hide-away interface that will hide distractions from your desktop. It also saves your work automatically, eliminating one more thing that you need to think about so you can get back to writing. FocusWriter also has additional built-in features, and you can choose custom themes and formatting tools that make sense for your novel. 

It also lets you save your work directly to the platform and organize your work in different folders or tabs. FocusWriter is free for Windows and Mac users. You can also upgrade for $5 to receive writing tips directly in the tool. 

We hope these tools help streamline your writing process and get your novel finished and in the hands of your fans in no time.