About Us

We are a group of professionals working in the publishing industry who are passionate about connecting aspiring authors with their dreams. Publishers succeed when authors succeed, so it’s in our best interests to provide the tools, support, and advice we can to push as many authors as we can towards their own success and self-fulfillment.

This website is not a shortcut to success. There aren’t any shortcuts, but we will provide all of the help that it is possible for us to provide. We will consistently publish blog posts and articles from experienced individual working in the industry, along with our own advice to best achieve your literary goals.

The more authors that are encouraged to put their material out there, the better books we as a society get. This is in our interest, too, because beyond being publishers, we are readers first and foremost. Everyone benefits from more voices in the public sphere, and every writer who shies away from commitment is another potential masterpiece lost. That’s why we pledge our dedication to anyone who wants to write a book, and needs help figuring out how to get there.


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