Why You Should Write a Book

If you’re reading this, it’s likely you’re on the fence about writing a book. You already know why you want to do it, the same reason anyone wants to. It’s because you have a story in you, and you want it to be told. But there’s so much standing in your way. The work you need to put into the story, acquiring an agent to contact a publisher, or even trying to publish it yourself. The prospect of going forward can be intimidating, but now might be the best time ever to write a book.


Every leap forward in technology provides a larger voice to the masses. With the access to resources the internet provides, there are no more gatekeepers to publishing. You don’t need to prove it to anyone else that your work is worthwhile; if you put the hours and the sweat in, then you will be able to put that story out their yourself. It is a true meritocratic system, and if your work is good enough, then you will find your readers.

Show Your Perspective

It was once said that the person who reads lives a thousand lives. Well, the person who writes shares their life with others. By writing a book, you can leave your measurable mark on the world, putting down forever who you are and what you believe. Even long after you’re gone, your work will still be there.

Can Be Lucrative

Like any business venture, writing a successful book takes work. Not only in putting the story together and polishing it, but in making sure it gets out there to your readers. If you put the time in, though, it can provide a serious return on investment. Self-published authors are taking a larger and larger portion of the market every year, and you can benefit from this trend.

There are plenty of good reasons that you should write a book right now, but the one that matters most is that you want to. If your own personal desire doesn’t stand behind you, then it will be nearly impossible to write a book. Decide that it’s what you want, establish a goal, make a plan, and stick to it.